Day Care advises police of possible child abuse case, 2 arrested for alleged charges


Richmond Police report responding to a call from Small Wonders Child Care in reference to a 5-year-old and 2-year-old with severe bruising. Police made an arrest on charges of child abuse.

On Tuesday, police reported a call coming from a child care center in Richmond. An employee of the establishment advised police of two child under 12 who had severe injuries. The two sisters were reportedly observed by the employee to have bruising on their faces and backs. Children advised officials of a “Daddy-T” having punished them with an open hand.

Back at the station, police interviewed the mother of the children 28-year-old MaryBeth Register who advised police she hadn’t noticed the bruises. Police also report that Register’s story regarding her contact with her husband Timothy Mcintosh did not match up with previous ones.

After an investigation into Register’s phone, police say it was apparent her stories didn’t add up. After this evidence Register advised police that Mr. Mcintosh had stayed with the children alone for an hour on the day prior. Ms.Register also reported Mr. Mcintosh pleading to let the girls stay home from day care.

After permitting Mr. Mcintosh to stay alone with the children while having custody and reportedly allowing Mr. Mcintosh to cruelly punish the children, both individuals were taken to the Madison County Detention Center on charges of child abuse.