No Longer Riding ‘Solo’: A Check-up on the Horse Saved from the Brink of Death


Over a year later, we checked in with what WBONtv would call an old friend at this point. Former show horse Solo was injured and near the brink of death a little over a year ago when he came under the care at W & W Veterinarian Services in Waco.

Solo was saved, and lost an ear and his eyelid in the process, as well as incurred some facial scarring. However, he has come a long way in the past 365, and even got adopted out where he now has another rescue horse as his best friend and is living on a Madison County farm with hundreds of acres to run on.

As you can see in the video here with Dr. Kate Werle who helped saved his life, he is living happily and healthily, and is even being trained to be ridden again as he was before his life-changing accident.

Watch his original story from 2018 here to see how far Solo has come.