Richmond man tased, faces 9 charges for allegedly endangering young niece while intoxicated


The Madison County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man Sunday afternoon for allegedly endangering a child while being highly intoxicated.

When officers made contact with 36-year-old Danny Marcum (no mugshot available) in his vehicle, he was reportedly being erratic and hyperactive while having his juvenile nieces in the vehicle. According to reports, Marcum claimed that there was someone in the trunk of the vehicle “trying to kill him”. Police cleared the trunk and found no one inside.

Marcum refused to comply with officers and would not let go of one of his nieces. Police believed that Marcum was going to injure the girl, or worse. Reports state that officers had to physically remove the child from his arms by tasing him. Even so, the report this had little to no effect on Marcum. The citation continues that officers had to strike Marcum down with the taser itself in order for him to let go of the little girl.

The female juvenile was luckily not injured and the nieces were later released to their father.

Marcum was arrested and charged with operating on suspended or revoked license, kidnapping of a minor, resisting arrest, second-degree disorderly conduct, third-degree criminal mischief, theft by unlawful taking or disposition of property ($500 or more), violation of kentucky epo/dvo, operating vehicle under the influence of drugs, failure to use child restraint device in vehicle.