Berea Duo Arrested for Assault Following Alleged Beating Over Clothing


A domestic violence call from a victim in Berea who had a possible broken nose, shoulder, and other injuries led police to arrest two subjects for assault.

When Berea Police arrived at the scene on Ballew Street, they encountered the victim with the injuries listed above, as well as the subject, Bradley Smith. The victim had what appeared to be a heavily damaged, black eye according to the citation.

The victim claimed that she and her family member, Smith, had gotten into an altercation over clothing and belongings. The argument then got physical according to police, and another woman, Caitlyn Hammons, jumped into the fray.

The victim alleges that Smith and Hammons held her down and she was beaten all over her body with their fists.

EMS arrived and treated the victim, according to the citation, and she was visibly shaken and suffering from her injuries. The victim’s nose was apparently off-set and she was unable to be treated by EMS personnel without crying.

Smith allegedly told authorities that he “does this all the time” to the victim. Hammons also allegedly told police that she was fighting with the victim as well.

Both Hammons and Smith were arrested and charged with 2nd Degree Assault.