Two knocking on doors, arrested on criminal trespassing charges in Laurel County

Right: Victoria Woollums; Left: James Smith

Two people were arrested this weekend on a criminal trespassing charges in Laurel County.

The incident occurred on Dean Hundley Road at around 7 P.M. where police were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle complaint.

Two subjects, identified as 35-year-old Victoria Woollums and 36-year-old James Smith, were allegedly knocking on people’s doors along the Dean Hundley Road.

According to reports, in one instance, the two allegedly entered a garage attempting to take a gas can.

Woollums and Smith both had outstanding warrants.

Police located three glass pipes believed to be used for smoking methamphetamine, and an EBT card belonging to someone else on Woollums. Smith was found in possession of a hypodermic needle and told police that they were on their way to get methamphetamine.

The two individuals were lodged in the Laurel County Corrections Center.