Richmond Woman Allegedly Threatens to Shoot Door Off with Firearm, Charged with Assault


Richmond Police were recently dispatched to a domestic violence call, and took in a local woman for 4th Degree Assault.

According to the citation, Tenicia Chauntay Hays of Atonement Court had a gun and was allegedly threatening to shoot the lock off the victim’s door.

When officers arrived, Hays no longer had any gun in her possession, and the victim told police that he had locked himself in a room in order to evade her as they were in an argument. The door, according to the citation, had damage from the outside and the victim had visible injuries to which he said were from previous physical altercations with Hays.

The gun was eventually located in a back bedroom upon a search of the home. A witness in the home allegedly told police that she had seen the two drink and get in fights on multiple occasions.

Hays was transported to MCDC without incident, but invoked her right to counsel and refused to speak to police, according to authorities.