Police: Man Pulled from ‘Suspicious’ Burning Building Against His Will, Disarms Officer in Altercation


Early this morning around 3 a.m. in Dixie Plaza in Richmond, a structure that was ablaze in Richmond alerted police and fire crews to the scene, where a witness stated that a man was inside the burning home, lying down in the middle of the floor smoking a cigarette as the structure went up in flames. The man, 27-year-old Jackie Powell of North Estill Avenue, had to be allegedly physically removed from the home as it was erupting in flames.

When police arrived at Dixie Plaza, they made contact with Powell, who gave officers a false identification as Chris Webb, according to the citation. Powell, during this time, kept running back to the burning home and wanted to break in with a flashlight according to officers.

Powell was asked, according to officers, to stay away so that the fire department could perform their duties, but disregarded this multiple times and lunged at the burning home.

Powell then allegedly grabbed a taser from the officer’s holster, and an altercation ensued ending with Powell having to be pinned onto the ground. The citation details that Powell continued to fight the officer, resulting in him incurring closed fist strikes to his face from the officer in an attempt to subdue him.

EMS assessed Powell once he was detained, and he had to be transported to the hospital for his injuries, most notably smoke inhalation. It was not until he was in the hospital that is was revealed Powell had given the false identity of Chris Webb.

Powell allegedly told ER staff that he was depressed, but after being quickly treated he was transported to the detention center and charged with third degree assault on a police officer, disarming a police officer, and theft of identity of another without consent.

Arson charges could be forthcoming as police are currently investigating this scene, which is heavily damaged as you can see in the video up now.

Richmond Fire Department notes that the fire is in fact suspicious, and an investigation is underway with criminal charges possibly pending.

KSP is performing a preliminary investigation for arson as well at this time. RFD said that all occupants did however, get out safely.