Never Fear! New Stoplight (will soon) Be Here!


After many years of seemingly continuous wrecks and dangerous close calls, a new four-way stoplight system will be integrated on the bypass in front of Gates Honda and Miller’s Tire.

The busy area has been covered in many previous WBONtv stories, where sometimes even deadly wrecks have occurred in the extremely busy intersection. Many residents have also taken to social media to continually express displeasure to City Officials and those in government to get something done.

We went down to the site where the new traffic infrastructure will eventually be placed to speak to Richmond City Commissioner Mike Brewer who says that this has been a long time coming, and he praised his constituents and fellow City officials who got the ball rolling on this project.

Brewer says that with the help of Representative Deanna Frazier in Frankfort, the needed information was sent to Frankfort to get the lights to the area, as it is a state-run road.

He adds that the work on Richmond’s end has been done, such as surveys of the area that the state needs to move forward to install the traffic lights.

However, the timeline, Brewer continues, is now in the hands of the State Department who have a few more things to look into , such as studying the traffic patterns in the highly-congested area.