Case of Father who Allegedly Inflicted 27 Fractures on Infant Goes Straight to Grand Jury


A Madison County man who police report admitted to abusing his 3-month-old daughter waived his right Wednesday to a preliminary hearing, which will now send his case straight to a grand jury.

Police found 34-year-old Sean Dykes and his injured newborn in a Richmond apartment a few weeks ago. The baby reportedly suffered nearly 30 bone fractures, including to their skull, ribs, spine, arms and legs.

According to a citation, Dykes went into a rage, grabbed the baby by her abdomen, and slammed her on the bed in a blackout of anger. The next thing Dykes recalled, the citation continues, was the baby then having a seizure. The citation also states that he demonstrated on a teddy bear the actual abuse he committed to his daughter. In addition, Dykes was also accused in March of shoving his girlfriend and her mother to the ground and attempting to strangle one of them.

Dykes allegedly told officers he suffers from multiple personality disorder and was stressed out when they questioned him.

Dykes faces two domestic violence assault charges as well as a criminal child abuse charge.

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