Big Plans Discussed at Richmond City Commission Meeting


During the Tuesday night City Commission meeting many big plans were discussed. The city had the first reading on a plan to allow a second cable franchise to run cable in the city. The added competition is expected to allow citizens to receive better service and lower prices on their cable bills.

The city will also be granting tax incentives to Richmond Auto Parts Technology Inc. to expand their business. The expansion will add twenty new jobs to the city.

The city has also entered a contract with Writer-Tech LLC. for the Community Risk Assessment Grant Project. The project will allow the fire department to survey homes and areas on a multitude of factors to determine which areas are vulnerable to fires, where fire alarm campaigns are needed, and more. This will allow the fire department to work more efficiently and make Richmond safer.

Lastly, the Richmond Police Department has been accredited, stay tuned to WBON-TV for the full story coming soon.