Well, Doggone! New Park for Pups Open in Richmond


The final finishing touches are all that is needed for a new dog park already open and being used in the heart of Richmond.

At Million Park, tucked away off Main Street and Parish Avenue, there was once an empty green space that was unused adjacent to the soccer fields and playground.

According to City Commissioner Jason Morgan, this was a perfect opportunity to open the city’s second dog park, with the only other currently at Lake Reba.

The fenced-in area provides a large space for the furry friends to roam and play.

Morgan says all that is left is another doggie bag waste receptacle and a spigot to provide water and the park will be complete. However, it is already being used and enjoyed by fur babies and their pet parents alike.

Another added plus that got the City Commission to push for the new park, Morgan details, is that it will bring the community together as a shared space, not to mention the statistics that parks in city areas are proven to reduce crime.