Three Richmond Internet Cafes Raided by KSP, Equipment Seized as Result of Ongoing Investigation


You may have noticed an increased law enforcement presence at any of the three ‘Internet Cafes’ around Richmond today.

Although no official statement from Kentucky State Police spokespeople as the investigation is still ongoing, WBONtv has received word that the three locations: ‘All In’ on Big Hill Avenue and East Main, the ‘T&T Internet Cafe’ on the Bypass near the Peddler’s Mall, and the other cafe in the Southern Hills strip mall have all been visited by KSP detectives today.

A U-Haul was seen at the first two locations with detectives, mostly undercover, who were witnessed loading up equipment that is possibly related to gambling.

Although the exact nature of the charges, if any are being filed against those affiliated with the business is unknown, the ‘T&T’ was completely closed as Kentucky State Police took the business over.

Richmond Fire Department was on scene to assist law enforcement at the ‘All In’ location, which they report is to help gain access to hard to reach areas, such as safes.

Stay with WBONtv as we work on this story and await an official response from Kentucky State Police.

Officials had previously reported to WBONtv that these locations have been known to allegedly harbor illegal activity besides gambling, and had reason to believe the investigations against the businesses have been in the works for quite some time.

Statement from Kentucky State Police:

Search Warrants Executed on Three Richmond Area Businesses for Illegal Gambling

RICHMOND, Ky. (June 10, 2019) –Kentucky State Police Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations East executed search warrants on three Richmond area businesses that were operating as fronts for illegal gambling. The initial investigation with the three businesses began  after a complaint regarding the Fraudulent use of an EBT Card.  The businesses, T&T Entertainment, Richmond Internet Café, and All-In Internet Café have been under investigation since March of 2018. The investigation is ongoing with possible charges pending at this time.