Packed the wrong lunchbox, gets arrested on drugs and burglary charges


A man was recently put in jail after reports say that he attempted to break in a relative’s residence in Richmond.

The residents told police that 24-year-old Marcus Childers was kicking their door and said that he was “going to whoop someone”.

Childers stated that he was in an argument with his relative but he never tried to break in.

A visible damage was seen on the door. Childers allegedly kicked the door so hard that the door handles came off and the wood on the door was broken.

A two year old juvenile also lives in that residence.

Childers denied kicking the door and told police that the door was open when he arrived.

Police located a red lunch box on Childers and inside were cut straws with residue, and a broken glass pipe wrapped in toilet paper. Police also located a small black pouch and inside were a clear baggie wrapped in paper, a brown powdery substance suspected to be heroin, and suspected methamphetamine.

Childers told police that the narcotics belonged to his cousin and that he had no idea what was in the lunch box.

He was charged with second-degree attempted burglary, second-degree disorderly conduct, possession of controlled substances (methamphetamine), possession of controlled substances (heroin), buy/possess drug paraphernalia, public intoxication (excludes alcohol).