Redi Mart Arrest Leads to Restraint Chair as Richmond Man Fights with Invisible Foe, Officers

Note: Previous Harvey-Ogentho Mugshot; current not available

Richmond Police Department recently took a man into custody who was apparently seen fighting with “someone who isn’t there”. When officers arrived on scene at the Redi Mart on 2nd Street, they made contact with 21-year-old Alexander C. Harvey-Ogentho.

Harvey-Ogentho told officers to “get the [expletive] away from me” and said that he was being watched by the government, according to the citation. Police report that the back-and-forth continued as de-escalation techniques were employed, but Harvey-Ogentho continued to tense up his muscles and yell obscenities.

The citation details that the manager of Redi Mart alerted police to the fact that Harvey-Ogentho was banned from the property but would not leave. Harvey-Ogentho was then offered a cigarette by officers in an attempt to calm him, but he allegedly growled and cussed at police instead.

The Redi Mart allegedly had to be temporarily closed down due to the suspect’s actions for the safety of workers and customers as the situation with police progressed in the parking lot.

When backup officers arrived, Harvey-Ogentho still resisted arrest and allegedly took on a fighting stance. When he was finally detained after a struggle, police report that he continued to growl, yell profanities, and spit and bang his head on the cruiser’s partition.

Harvey-Ogentho had to be placed in a restraint chair once inside the Madison County Detention Center as officers had reason to believe he was an imminent danger to any around. He was charged with menacing, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing and remains in the detention center.