Tourism Budget Becomes Point of Debate at Berea City Council Meeting


Berea’s budget for 2019 has had its first reading. One of the topics of debate was the tourism department’s budget for advertising. Currently, tourism spends one thousand dollars a day on advertising. Councilor Jerry Little suggested cutting this part of the budget and relying on advertising through social media. He suggested that the extra money could go the general fund as well as towards community projects such as ball parks. In his proposal, he stated that it is only for one year and if tourism in the city suffers, then it could be raised again.

Councilor Emily LaDoucuer stated that tourism spends less on its budget compared to other cities and that cutting advertising is never beneficial. She went on to say that she thought the city’s tourism department is being used as a political pawn and a scapegoat. She stated that if you allow those in the tourism department to do their job then the city will be better for it.