Musical Musings: Monroe Land Way


If you are looking for some hometown Kentucky boys that can play banjo and guitar while singing country tunes, look no further than Monroe Land Way from Beattyville that we had on this latest installment of Musical Musings.

The band describes themselves accurately as a “tobacco spittin’, smoke blowin’, pickin’ and grinnin’ alternative country group out of Beattyville, Kentucky”

This was exactly what we got when they showed up in studio, and WBON was surprised at how the young band members were, while at the same time writing catchy songs with relatable themes.

During their time in the studio, we also got to have a few laughs from some personal stories the guys shared…including a drunken day that led to one band member getting kicked out of a church!

Their debut album “Drunken Fool” came out in summer 2017, and the boys said that they continue to write and are touring in the Central/Eastern Kentucky area.