C. Wesley Morgan Sits Down to Explain Plans to Challenge McConnell in 2020 Senate Election


Former Kentucky House Representative C. Wesley Morgan may no longer be in Frankfort as of last year, but he says he is ready to take a bigger step by taking the plunge to try and get into Washington.

Morgan, current CEO of Liquor World in Richmond, came into WBONtv studios to give an in-depth explanation as to why he wants to challenge 35 year veteran in Washington, Mitch McConnell for his US Senate seat.

He explains that it is going to take a lot of money to beat the longtime Senate Majority Leader, but he is up to the task as he feels there is much corruption in Washington. Morgan admonishes McConnell, going so far to say that he is all that is wrong with Kentucky, and that every bad decision made both in the Commonwealth and in Washington can be traced back to the politician.

Filing to run against him just this past week, Morgan elaborates that the “head of the snake” needs to be cut off to rid the Kentucky Republican Party of corruption.

When it comes to his platform, Morgan adds that the current Social Security regulations that McConnell has pushed for, such as extending the retirement age and calling the earnings “entitlements”, are hurting Kentuckians such as himself who has worked since he was 16 years old.

He also touched on the Federal Reserve during his interview, citing the exorbitant student loan debt and interest rates that are, in his opinion, crippling Kentuckians. Morgan says the banks charge students 7.5% interest rates, which puts them in a position to make it even harder to pay off. This, he says, is a crucial issue of his platform that needs to be remedied.

Watch the full interview to get all the details on the Madison Countian’s politics and decision to run for office again.