Trafficking Suspect Allegedly Attempts to Flee, Resists Arrest by Berea Police


Suspicious activity spotted by Berea Police in a closed business parking lot of Midway gas station led to a trafficking arrest. 

According to the arrest citation, two vehicles were parked next to each other, and as the officers drove by they saw what appeared to be a hand to hand transaction. 

When officers made contact with the driver of the vehicle they observed a bag of marijuana sitting in plain view in the car. The suspect, 59 year old James Gaunce of Berea told officers he thought the business was still open. As Gaunce was being placed under arrest, he allegedly began to resist and attempted to flee. According to the citation, Gaunce had to be physically detained by officers on the ground.

When the car was searched, officers allegedly located inside of the vehicle was 19 grams of marijuana, 14 Oxycodone tablets, and $1,170 in cash.

Officers arrested Gaunce and charged him with Resisting Arrest, Trafficking in Marijuana, and Trafficking Controlled Substance 1st Degree.