Richmond Agrees to Contract for 2019 Audit


Notice:This story has misquoted city manager Rob Minerich as being unsatisfied with the firms work. Minerich stated that the firm has provided consistent quality work but that he understood the dissatisfaction that some on the council had in regards to cut pensions.

The Richmond City Commission has approved a contract for the Mountjoy Chiliton Medley firm to perform an audit of the city’s finances as required by law. Although the city has used the firm for many years on past audits, some on the commission were not happy with the firm cutting pensions and retirement plans. Commissioner Jason Morgan felt that the city is obligated to pay for the pensions. He said that city should fulfill its promises and do whats right.

City manager Rob Minerich said that the current auditors have had consistent performance throughout the years but is open to using other firms for future audits. He explained that it would be difficult to find another firm to perform an audit on the city in time for the legal deadline. The commission agreed to inform the firm of their unsatisfactory performance and consider other firms for next year’s audit.