Recycling in Berea No Longer Taking Paper Waste


Paper will no longer be accepted for recycling in the City of Berea after this week, according to the City until further notice.

Berea City Administrator Randy Stone made the announcement Tuesday evening at a meeting of the Berea City Council when he informed council members of the decision by Waste Connections, the city’s garage collection contractor.

Waste Connections cited the change in policy due to changes in the commodities market as the Lexington Recycling Center has suspended the paper recycling as there is no room to store the waste. They add that the LRC is currently at capacity with the storage of mixed paper and have not found a viable solution for storage.

However, the statement assures that the company is working diligently with vendors and they hope to have a solution by this fall. However, until this occurs, they ask that all residents refrain from throwing the following items in the recycling containers:

office paper, newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls and all similar items.

These items will have to be placed in the trash receptacle until further notice.

Waste Connections will continue to accept cardboard, officials said.