Madison County Schools giving away 23 bikes to children in need


Madison County schools are giving out 23 bikes to kids in need this week. Every school will have two bikes to give away and there will be one bike given away during the summer feeding program.

The schools teamed up with Cavendish Fries and made the generous giveaway possible. The frozen and fresh potato company provides the schools with a bike for every 150 pack of fries they used throughout the school year.

The Madison County Food Service Director Scott Anderson told WBONTV that he had a family tradition of giving bikes away during the Christmas season and that’s where the idea came from.

Anderson took this upon himself and made it into a personal project. His goal is to look for kids who are in need of the bikes, and would benefit from them.

Certain criteria that are looked into when picking the kids are:

  • Those who don’t have a bike
  • Those who can’t afford a bike
  • Those who have a safe place to ride a bike