Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Attorney General Candidate Wil Schroder


Working in law was always a goal for Northern Kentucky native Wil Schroder, who says growing up with a father who was a judge and a mother as a school teacher taught him the importance of serving one’s community and a hard work ethic.

He has since taken the plunge to run for Attorney General for Kentucky in the Republican primaries. One of the things he prides himself on, Schroder says, is that he is the only Republican candidate that has actual prosecuting experience.

Schroder has now served five sessions in the Kentucky Senate since 2014 and represents Campbell, Pendleton, and Bracken Counties. During this time in the Senate, Schroder says he has pushed pro-life legislation and also worked to expand treatment options for addicts while still punishing traffickers.

Schroder says he has also served as a felony prosecutor in the Campbell County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office where he prosecuted hundreds of felony cases, many of which he adds are tied to the seemingly unending drug epidemic. Firsthand experience with law enforcement and the many cases he has tried has worked to bolster what he says is crucial experience for the office.

He continues, saying that he believes there is a disconnect with the current office of Attorney General and the people working the front lines. Schroder says these should not be separate entities, and there needs to be an open dialogue between all to work together.

Schroder says he has the knowledge to bridge that gap, especially when it comes to the aforementioned drug epidemic and supporting the President with border control. He elaborates, saying that there is currently no backing from the Commonwealth to attempt to work the borders and stop the flow of drugs from Mexican drug cartels into the U.S.

He also spoke on the growing problem of human trafficking during his two minute sit-down, and says that during his time as a prosecutor he has learned how much this issue has proliferated not just in Kentucky but across the nation.

Overall, Schroder ends by saying that he has always pushed, whether it be as a prosecutor, in the Senate, or at the private law office he works at now to instill Christian values. He says that the voters want a candidate to uphold these Conservative ideals, which he ends by saying he has a proven track record of implementing.