Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles


Current Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles seemingly has a proven track record of avoiding half measures and going above and beyond.

Taking a look at his educational background and political history, including a recent Doctoral degree as well as serving in the Kentucky House of Representatives at a relatively young age is enough to confirm this fact.

During his two minute sit-down, Quarles explains he is now investing this energy in his re-election campaigning, where he says that he has visited virtually every corner of the Commonwealth.

This would be the Republican incumbent’s second term in the seat, if re-elected, but he elaborates that there is still a lot of work to continue that has been accomplished since he took the place at the head of Kentucky Agriculture in 2016.

The Georgetown native cites the growth of Kentucky Proud and opening up trade with China for the equine industry as some of the highlights that have already been successfully seen to completion.

Growing up on a tobacco farm, Quarles says he is uniquely qualified for the position, and although the crop is no longer number one in the Commonwealth, he is ready to take hemp to the next level to both bolster Kentucky farmers as well as provide much-needed revenue statewide.

Quarles also notes the thriving bourbon industry, and says a new milestone has recently been met as the amount of Kentucky Proud corn going into the liquor is record-breaking.

When it comes to the Hunger Initiative, Quarles says as a farm kid he knows firsthand that it is possible to take care of those less fortunate, and that is one of the many reasons that he makes a conscious effort to help solve food insecurity in Kentucky, which at the moment is the leader for the statistic in the country for certain demographics.

Lastly, Quarles finishes by stating that he is proud to have served for the Commonwealth and wants to continue as the voice of rural Kentucky, adding he is a key communicator and has a proven record with the department.