Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Commissioner of Agriculture Candidate Joe Trigg


Democratic Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture Joe Trigg says that he has been a farmer all his life, and that is exactly what the Department of Agriculture needs.

Trigg spent nearly thirty years in the US Air Force, where he served as the Air Mobility Command Explosive Ordnance Disposal Functional Manager, where he oversaw 16 military installations valued at $280 million.

Trigg went overseas on many missions during this time, and beforehand attended Purdue University.

The Glasgow native is also a greenhouse manager, where he says he has over 30 years with Hydroponic and Aquaponic Gardening experience including fronting a Tilapia research project.

He also added during his two minute sit-down, that he is a small business owner and has a farm to this day with his brother with over fifty head of black angus beef cattle.

Trigg says he has a plan to integrate the hemp crop across the state, on a county-by-county basis. He says that this crop is instrumental to the Commonwealth to fill the void by flailing tobacco crops as well as to help fund state deficits.

Trigg is a proponent for medical marijuana next, but the says that the hemp and CBD oil industry is a strong and necessary first step towards this goal.

As far as hunger initiatives, Trigg elaborates that there is much that can still be done statewide, as many area that are so-called “food deserts” are ignored. Trigg says he has been on the forefront of bringing farm-to-food projects across the state to food deserts, but there was leadership from Frankfort missing at this time. Trigg ends this by saying food insecurity and hunger are two separate issues, and should be treated as such.