Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Commissioner of Agriculture Candidate Bill Polyniak


Farmer and owner of Kentucky Cannabis Company, Bluegrass Hemp Oil Bill Polyniak feels so strongly about farming, agriculture, and business that he moved to Kentucky to be around what he says is a state he and his family fell in love with.

He wants to take his experience further to Kentuckians and is doing so by running in the Republican primary for Commissioner of Agriculture. The impetus for him running, he says, has been his integral role in hemp production statewide. Polyniak states in 2014 he was awarded a prestigious pilot program to cultivate the now legal and de-stigmatized crop.

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil as it is now commonly known as, was something Polyniak had seen coming as a beneficial medicinal aid that he wishes to continue to not only help those that need it, such as his son, but to generate revenue for the Commonwealth.

Polyniak’s company, he adds, was the first to bring American hemp to Kentucky as a Kentucky Proud product across the state and nation. He says in his two minute sit-down that his company remains one of the largest producers and distributors of Kentucky-grown hemp products.

He continues, saying that the Federal Farm Bill had set the path for hemp production, but that past and present policy makers are not moving forward with the legislation as he feels they should and have even in the past destroyed what he says are quality crops in Kentucky, such as in 2016.

These hemp crops, Polyniak says, could have been used to help children such as his son, who benefits from the non-THC CBD oil that could also generate funds for Kentucky. This, he says, would rebuild Kentucky Agriculture and help ease the opioid epidemic that touches so many in Kentucky. The money going to foreign pharmaceutical companies, Polyniak says, should be re-diverted to the Commonwealth with this viable crop.

Lastly, Polyniak says the unemployment rate in Kentucky is staggering, and he believes a clear solution to this would be a revitalized interest in Kentucky Agriculture and smaller-scale farming.

Polyniak said he grew up in California riding bulls, hunting, and fishing and has earned multiple degrees from the Heald Institute of Technology.