Richmond man arrested on kidnapping charges


Police arrested a man early Wednesday morning on drugs and kidnapping charges.

The incident happened around 12 A.M. The Richmond Police Department was dispatched to the area of Waffle House on North Keeneland Drive in Richmond in reference to a disturbance.

Three subjects were observed on scene. One male subject, later identified as 32-year-old Patrick Garrett was yelling at a female and a male victim.

The female victim told police that Garrett had been holding her and her boyfriend against their will. She also stated that Garrett had threatened to shoot and kill her and her boyfriend multiple times throughout the day. Garrett was allegedly trying to get money from the male’s victim bank account.

According to reports, Garrett initially denied knowing the two victims and stated that he was homeless. Later on, Garrett told police that he has known the two victims for around one week and that they shared a room together Tuesday at Days Inn.

There were witnesses on the scene and they advised police that they heard Garrett make statements in reference to physically harming the two victims.

Police were able to locate marijuana, rolled up on Garrett’s ear and a black pocket knife on him.

Garrett was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, and kidnapping-adult.