Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Goforth


Robert Goforth is no stranger to political races recently, as he secured the position for the Kentucky House seat for district 89, which covers parts of Madison, Laurel, and Jackson counties. However, now he is taking a big step by running for Governor on the Republican ticket in the May primaries, facing off against incumbent Matt Bevin.

Goforth explains in his two minute sit-down that he is a lifelong resident, seven generations deep from Laurel county, and therefore has long-standing roots in Central and Eastern Kentucky.

Goforth described his party affiliation as a Christian Republican, and he explained his background in the military, working a factory job, and then on to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, to become a Doctor of Pharmacy.

Goforth says that the reason he took the plunge to run for the Statewide office is mainly because he says Kentuckians deserve better, and that they need an option when it comes to Republican candidates for Governor.

Defending all public employees, Goforth says this goes beyond teachers as is in the forefront of the news but also firefighters, police officers, and other government workers to get the pension benefits they were promised.

He says he has used this experience as a Doctor of Pharmacy to bring information to school children about the dangers of drug use, especially with the rise in prescription drug abuse. Goforth said he brought this program into schools free of charge and wants to continue this education across the Commonwealth as Governor.

As for highlights in his platform, Goforth was adamant about his pro-life stance, as he has triplets that were born at 29 weeks, which he says is before some late-term abortions are carried out. Goforth reiterates that the rights for the unborn need to be defended at all costs, as he has witnessed firsthand with his early-born triplets.

He prides himself on being one of, if not the first, in the country to file the Fetal Heartbeat Bill, which would make it a felony to perform an abortion after a heartbeat is detected in an unborn baby.

Goforth adds that second amendment rights should not be stripped from any Kentucky citizens, and has since stood up in Frankfort to push such legislation for gun owners in Kentucky.