Warrant out of Michigan leads to arrest in Richmond SteakN’Shake


Last Friday night a Richmond Police Officer arrived at Steak’N Shake in reference to a 28 year old male subject with a reported possible warrant out of Michigan.

Police report making contact with 28-year-old Calvin Wiley inside the restaurant, where they then reportedly asked Wiley if they could search the car. The citation states one of Wiley’s friends gave consent to the search of the car they drove in, which resulted in officials finding numerous Hydrocodone pills, a baggie containing an ounce of a brown powdery substance, and a firearm on his person.

Witnesses state Wiley made contact with a white female where he then made a hand to hand transaction with the subject. $740 was located on Wiley which was seized and entered into evidence at the Richmond Police Department.

Wiley was arrested for two trafficking counts due to the large amount of suspected heroin as well as Hydrocodone, Possession of a firearm by convicted felon, and possession of a stolen firearm. Wiley was transported to the Madison County Detention Center.