New Park Opens in Richmond


Mill Stone Park is the name of the new park on East Main St. in Richmond. City Manager Rob Minerich said that the park was created after a Richmond citizen brought to his attention an empty green space. The park will be decorated with old mill stones from around the Richmond area. Although the park is open to the public, a ribbon cutting ceremony is being organized for October of this year. Mayor Robert Blythe also declared May eighteenth as Kids to Parks day in Richmond. A day that encourages parents to bring their children out to local, state or national parks.

There was also an update on the Blue Grass Army Depot. Lt. Col. Rodney McCutcheon oversees chemical activity at the depot and explained that there is a tightly knit net of communication between all groups involved in the destruction of the weapons. He said there are numerous safety features at the depot and that there has never been an incident where the surrounding communities were in danger.