Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Attorney General Candidate Greg Stumbo


If you are familiar with Kentucky politics in the past decades, no doubt you would recognize Gregory Stumbo and his name. The former Attorney General for the Commonwealth and most recently member of the Kentucky House of Representatives has thrown his hat in the ring to reclaim the office of Attorney General.

Stumbo is running again in the Democratic Primary for the office that he held for four years from 2004 to 2008. Stumbo is currently an attorney for the famed Morgan and Morgan law firms.

Stumbo says that the most important cases he witnesses that go to trial and are ready to be prosecuted and won are the opioid crisis cases. Taking this a step further, Stumbo says, would be to win back the seat for Attorney General and fight both corporate cases as well as the drug epidemic from the courtrooms.

Another integral part of Stumbo’s platform, he says, is cyber security and keeping the Commonwealth’s youth safe.

Stumbo cites the indictment when he was in office of former Governor Ernie Fletcher as evidence that the Attorney General’s Office goes beyond party lines as he believes there is no choice when evidence of a crime is brought against anyone, even the Governor. He continues, saying the oath of this Constitutional Office is something he takes very seriously.

Lastly, Stumbo says he has full intention to go back and re-establish the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation in the Attorney General’s Office. He says that a record number of drugs were confiscated with the KBI when he was formerly in office, and he wishes to do the same in the future. He adds that consumers also need to be protected, and he will do his utmost to keep the people of Kentucky protected and fought for as he has been doing in courtrooms and in Frankfort for decades.