Man arrested after found sleeping in a storage unit


A man was arrested after police found him sleeping in a Richmond storage unit.

Officers responded to Red Dot Storage and found 25-year-old Randall Burgess passed out in one of the storage units.

Officers had to shake Burgess’ leg to get him to wake up and Burgess attempted to “fist bump” the officer before lying back down.

According to reports, a small plastic baggie with marijuana in it and a cap to a syringe were found next to Burgess. As Burgess picked up a blanket, an uncapped syringe containing a crystal rock like substance and a small plastic baggie with a white crystal like substance fell to the ground. The syringe and the baggie were suspected to be crystal methamphetamine. Burgess denied the drugs were his.

Burgess was placed under arrest and charged with public intoxication controlled substance (excludes alcohol), possession controlled substance 1st offense 1st degree (methamphetamine), 2nd degree criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana, buy/possess drug paraphernalia.