Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: State Auditor Candidate Kelsey Hayes Coots


Candidate for State Auditor Kelsey Hayes Coots was raised in Owensboro, growing up she says, in basketball gyms across Western Kentucky, as her grandfather coached basketball at Owensboro High School for decades. Hayes Coots says she had learned growing up, most importantly, to show up for others.

During her two minute sit-down, the candidate in the Democratic primary said she graduated from University of Kentucky and instantly began teaching 8th grade language arts.

Hayes Coots explains that during her time teaching both in Houston and currently in Louisville, she has seen firsthand the struggles that families, students, and her fellow teachers face.

When she returned to Kentucky after being in a highly competitive teaching program in Texas, Hayes Coots says the state she knew and loved was nearly unrecognizable, leading her to throw her hat in the ring for statewide office.

Throughout 2018, Kelsey organized Louisville for KY120United to stand with teachers to fight the issues she has witnessed firsthand in her classrooms such as the fight to defend public pensions and public education from outside special interest groups.

Hayes Coots goes on to say that the Auditor’s office is more than just a “rubber stamp” and that there needs to be the utmost of transparency in statewide government. The basis of the office, that she explains in her interview which is crucial to Kentuckians, is that no hand should be taking from the taxpayers money in the Commonwealth.

Lastly, Hayes Coots says that the goal is to cut down on corruption, and to help make the office of Auditor more transparent and easily accessible as there exists a lot of confusion as to what the office actually accomplishes.