Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Commissioner of Agriculture Candidate Robert Haley Conway


Commissioner of Agriculture candidate Robert Haley Conway says he has served in local offices as he was raised to give back to his community, but now he plans to give back to the entire Commonwealth by running for statewide office. The Democratic candidate has also worked in business with thousands of employees working under him for GE, as well as farming on his family acreage all the while.

Conway served on the Scott County Board of Education as a school board member as well as Board Chairman, and currently sits on the Scott County Soil and Water Conservation Board.

His main objective, Conway elaborates, is to help young farmers and keep small farms going across Kentucky. He adds that if this does not happen, Conway worries that there will be no one to feed us in the coming decades.

Conway cited statistics for farming across Kentucky, saying that since 2010 over 11,000 farms have gone by the wayside. Continuing, Conway says that the average revenue for farmers has dramatically dropped, making it even harder for those in agriculture to make it. This, he says, is cause for a bigger discussion.

As far as the at-times controversial hemp program, Conway says he wants it to continue, and to even push medical and recreational marijuana in the Commonwealth.

Lastly, Conway says that over the past few decades the Commissioner of Agriculture position has been used, he has noticed, for up-and-coming political talent. He elaborates that farmers deserve better than candidates using, in his opinion, the seat as a leg up to other political positions.

Conway reiterates that he has the business experience to lead agricultural initiatives that would benefit all Kentuckians, and would not use the office as a stepping stone to other political ventures, citing his age and experience.