Dog Owner Expresses Devastation Over Pit Bull Allegedly Shot by Garrard Co. Police


The Garrard County Police Department announced intentions to arrest a person Friday after getting reports that his dog was attacking people at a post office.

Central Dispatch received numerous frantic 911 calls Thursday regarding a loose pit bull trapping and attacking people at Bryantsville Post Office.

One caller stated that the pit bull had two people trapped in the post office and had chased him back to his truck. Another caller stated that she was “just charged by a pit bull” and that “it was going to kill someone”. The incident was reportedly recorded in a video.

The owner was given a warning the day before due to a similar complaint regarding the same dog.

According to reports, when an officer arrived at the post office Thursday, he was charged by the dog. The officer reportedly fired three shots, striking the dog.

According to Garrard County Police Department, the owner of the dog, Timothy Quisenberry, will be charged with harboring a viscous animal.

However, Quinsenberry expressed another side of the story on his Facebook page claiming that his dog was never deemed vicious and that there was no proof of the pit bull harming anyone. Read the full post here: