Sleeping Man Arrested in Circle K’s Restroom


The Richmond Police Department recently arrested a man after finding him asleep in Circle K’s restroom in Richmond.

Police were dispatched to Circle K on Amberley Way in reference to a welfare check. According to reports, 27-year-old John Dunaway had been in the male’s restroom for approximately an hour.

Emergency Medical Services and Richmond Fire Department were on scene to assist officers. Reports state that there was no response from Dunaway and officials had to break the door to make contact with him. Dunaway woke up as soon as officials entered the restroom. He was allegedly sleeping and stated that his leg was asleep.

According to a citation, an uncapped syringe was discovered next to Dunaway. There was allegedly also a small plastic baggie containing an unknown yellow pill and a folded up piece of paper. The yellow pill was later on identified as alprazolam.

Dunaway initially told police that he found the items in Circle K’s restroom trash can, but later admitted to using methamphetamine and heroin. According to reports, Dunaway stated that he heated the methamphetamine/heroin up on two spoons and used “as much as he could” of the drugs.

The suspected methamphetamine, alprazolam, two syringes and two spoons (with suspected drug residue) were seized from the scene.

Dunaway believed that the methamphetamine was laced with “bug spray”, which caused the abnormal reaction in the restroom.

Dunaway was arrested and charged with public intoxication (excludes alcohol), first-degree first offense possession of controlled substance (methamphetamine), buy/possess drug paraphernalia, and third-degree possession of controlled substance (drug unspecified). Dunaway is currently being held at the Madison County Detention Center.