Overwhelmed by Overdose: 2019 Numbers Show Shocking Trend


You may have seen recent videos that have gone viral, of overdoses that occurred in parking lots and in public places where citizens took it upon themselves to attempt to revive those near death from fatal drug overdoses.

One of these videos, which we cannot show because of the graphic nature of the case, happened right here in Richmond on Big Hill Avenue and Boggs Lane where a man was captured on video having CPR administered to him after an apparent overdose while behind the wheel.

WBONtv went to Madison County EMS and spoke to Director Carlos Coyle, who says that the numbers for the year have already proven to be dismal when it comes to drug overdoses that the first responders have had to attend to.

As of the time of this writing, there have been 15 overdose deaths confirmed after toxicology reports, and 5 are still pending. Coyle says that this is up from past years, and the trend is worrying.

During his interview, Coyle details that there has still been a spike in methamphetamine use and overdose, whereas in the past fentanyl has taken precedence. However, he says that they are still seeing this deadly substance in the reports, as well as some worrying trends for synthetic drugs that seem to be new on the scene.

Coyle goes on to say that if you see someone that has overdosed in public as we have seen in these recent videos and cases, that it is best to call the professionals, and wait for EMS to arrive on scene rather than attempt to save the person youself.

However, with the rise of easily accessible Narcan many citizens do have the ability to revive those from an apparent overdose. Watch the video to get all the details from the EMS director, and to hear the numbers for the first quarter of 2019.