Police: Man watches movie in his backseat with beer, gets Aggravated DUI and Drug Charges


Richmond Police Department recently responded to multiple calls in the area of Robinson Terrace in response to a car that was allegedly being driven recklessly around the apartment complex and on the Eastern Bypass.

When police arrived, the car was located running with the lights on in front of a building, with James Roger Gibbs (see above: no mugshot taken) and a woman sitting in the backseat together watching a movie.

Gibbs, according to the citation, was visibly intoxicated and had a bottle of 800 mg prescription ibuprofen in his hand that he claimed belonged to an ex girlfriend. The officer reported that the smell of alcohol was obvious in the vehicle. There was allegedly an open warm beer in the center console and cold beers in the backseat.

When asked to step out, Gibbs told the officer he would not be able to undergo a sobriety test as he had a tailbone injury. Gibbs was allegedly unsteady on his feet and could not follow the officer’s finger during a sobriety test. Upon searching his person, police report two marijuana joints were in Gibbs’s pocket.

He was arrested and transported to the hospital for a blood test, but according to the citation, refused any care or to call an attorney. Gibbs was charged with the following: