It’s Electric! New Charging Ports Unveiled in Downtown Richmond


Today in Richmond, WBONtv was on scene for the ribbon cutting to officially unveil the new charging ports for electric cars in downtown Richmond. The two ports are located in the lot adjacent to city hall on Third Street.

City officials were on hand along with the Richmond Chamber of Commerce to cut the ribbon while a Tesla and a Chevy Volt were charging in the lot already. Check out the video, up now on WBONtv for the interview with Kentucky Utilities, who helped make this a reality for the city of Richmond in efforts to bring those with electric vehicles downtown.

Media Relations Manager for KU Liz Pratt spoke with WBONtv and said that the goal was to better connect EV drivers to electric vehicle charging infrastructure. She says that while the cars are charging, which sometimes can take hours, the drivers could be out and about downtown shopping and taking part in community amenities.

Richmond has been chosen, according to Pratt, as one of a handful of cities statewide that are receiving the ports in parks, public parking lots, and within cities.