Richmond man faces 9 charges after allegedly crashing stolen vehicle near Vintage 18


The Richmond Police Department arrested a man following a non-injury accident near Vintage 18.

The driver, 26-year-old Jason Carpenter had fled the scene. The vehicle had allegedly just been stolen from 306 S Keeneland Drive.

Police found numerous items with names of people the owner of the car stated he did not know. Throughout the investigation, multiple people approached the officers and had the same complaint, that someone had stolen items out of their vehicles during the night in the same area.

According to reports, several items were seized from the vehicle including medications belonging to other people. A loaded firearm was also located in between the driver’s seat and center console that did not belong to the owner.

Carpenter’s ID was finally discovered inside a backpack found in the car. Police report that there were numerous credit and debit cards with different people’s names found in the bag. There were also 4 needles located in the side pocket of the backpack. One was loaded and filled with yellowish liquid suspected to be heroin.

Police gathered CCTV footage from Vintage 18 that allegedly shows Carpenter running away from the crash scene seconds after the incident. A witness stated that Carpenter told her he was looking for his gun before he fled the scene.

Carpenter allegedly stole the vehicle from the parking lot of Waffle House on North Keeneland Drive. Several witnesses stated that they had seen Carpenter sitting in the stolen vehicle prior to crashing it near Vintage 18.

The owner of the vehicle, who works at Waffle House and several other employees confronted Carpenter before he sped away and crashed.

Further investigations revealed that Carpenter was a convicted felon who had a criminal history. Reports state that the vehicle was towed away due to being in-operable.

The damage to the property of Hanger’s Plaza is estimated to cost $2,600.

Carpenter was charged with multiple charges including 1st degree criminal mischief, 1st degree wanton endangerment, theft by unlawful taking ($500 or more but under $10,000), receiving stolen property (under $500), buy/possess drug paraphernalia, possession of firearm by convicted felon, 1st degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin), operating on suspended license, and leaving scene of accident.