Health Officials Getting to the Bottom of the Recent E. Coli Outbreak in Central Kentucky


The Madison County Health Department this past week was investigating 3 cases of E. Coli caused illness in the county.

The 1st case was reported earlier in April, then two additional cases have been reported thereafter. Of the 3 cases, one was an adult and the other two were children.

At first there was no known origin of the outbreak, whether it be from certain foods or a certain area of the state. However, it has now been determined from the Centers of Disease Control that ground beef may have been the culprit for the over one hundred illnesses across the Commonwealth. This was determined, according to officials, after testing the strains in the affected persons to see if any were related.

The ground beef had been eaten, according to those affected, both at home and in restaurants.

The Kentucky Department of Public Health reported the state has now seen 44 cases of the food-borne illness.

WBONtv spoke to Nancy Crewe at the MCHD who told us the preventative measures to take to avoid the illness. Crewe says that the most important things to remember are that these germs can only make you sick if you swallow them, and that the germs are killed by thoroughly cooking high risk foods and removed by thoroughly washing your hands with soap and warm water.

Watch the video to get all the details on this recent outbreak from the health department official.