Berea City Administrator Randy Stone Announces Retirement


Berea City Administrator Randy Stone has announced his retirement set for October of this year. During the announcement, he spoke highly of what Berea has accomplished during his time in service to the city. He went on to say there is always work to be done and there was never a good time for him to announce his retirement.

The city also passed ordinance 06-2019, an ordinance allowing historic sites in the city to sell alcohol. During public comments, some citizens spoke against this ordinance. One voiced their opinion, saying that the ordinance hasn’t been researched enough and thought that it should be tabled until the council is better informed. Some of the reluctant yes voters on the ordinance explained that since the ordinance was made in response to a public vote, that the ordinance is just a formality and that there is no benefit to not passing the ordinance.

There was also an update on the Blue Grass Army Depot chemical weapon destruction. A representative from the base came and spoke about the process of destroying the weapons and addressed safety concerns, saying that if there are possibilities for an issue during destruction operations then operations will be ceased until they can safely continue.