Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Secretary of State Candidate Andrew English


Secretary of State candidate Andrew English’s resumé alone was a little too long to fit in a regular two minute sit-down, so the pertinent information had to be edited down.

The Kentucky native calls Oldham county home, and is proud of his background that started out throwing a football at an early age, which led to a college career on the field at Marshall and Hofstra Universities. He later went to College of William and Mary and attained his Masters and Law degrees.

However, the Republican candidate for the office has most recently served as General Counsel of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet for the State of Kentucky, appointed to the position by Governor Bevin and Secretary Tilley.

Andrew served in the United States Navy JAG Corps and deployed to the Persian Gulf and later was lead prosecutor at the Washington Navy Yard. English still holds his Navy rank of Lieutenant Commander.

When it comes to issues, English explains that a paper ballot backup for voting is crucial for verification, as although technology is integral today there needs to be a way to count votes in case all else fails.

English says the current Secretary of State’s office is destroyed, citing that the relationship with clerks and the State and local board of elections need to be rebuilt.

Lastly, English says that the $17 Billion in revenue in the Commonwealth needs to continue to be capitalized on. He reiterates how important it is to keep this money in Kentucky and to push for small businesses to thrive.