Paranoia in the parking lot, RPD respond to kidnapper


Tuesday around 10pm on Fairview Dr. According to RPD officials, an officer was dispatched in reference to a male who believed someone had broken into his apartment and vehicle. Officers report arriving to the apartment parking lot and being unable to locate anyone.

Moments later the officer reported a black vehicle pulling behind the cruiser and waving the officer over. Upon contact with 28 year old Michael Chase and a backseat passenger of the vehicle, RPD report Chase being frantic and paranoid and stating that he had a handgun in his passenger seat.

The officer reports Chase stating that he called about the break-ins and also believed his iPhone, TV and Xbox had been hacked too. After reported claims that Chase thought he was being followed, police detained Chase and read him his Miranda rights (which he reportedly waived) and then began to reportedly question him about pointing his gun at someone in a store recently.

Chase admitted to the crime and according to officials was placed in the back of the police unit. After police interviewed the passenger of the vehicle, Officials state that the victim was detained by Chase at gunpoint and was told to get-in his vehicle, the victim reported following his commands and entering the backseat of Chase’s vehicle. Chase was lodged into the Madison County Detention Center.

The interview at the department stated Chase said to the victim, “I’m not dangerous and I’m really sorry” .