Election 2019 Two Minute Sit-Downs: Secretary of State Candidate Carl Nett


Republican Secretary of State Candidate Carl Nett says there are many things that set him apart from the pack…one of which is that he is the only American to have protected a war-time President (George W. Bush) after 9/11, pursued terrorists overseas, and dealt with the aftermath at Joint Task Force Guantanamo.

Nett did all this after leaving his roots in Kentucky to work in the Secret Service and later, the CIA and in Afghanistan.

Nett adds he is the only criminal investigator running, as well as the only trained intelligence officer in the race.

Nett says this skill set ties in to the emerging threats to our election system here in Kentucky, and that the Secretary of State’s office is an Administrative job, making him the best candidate for the position.

During his two minute sit-down, Nett says that the greatest sense of urgency in his mind is to clean up voter roles, especially with the ongoing lawsuit with current Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Election fraud is widespread, according to Nett, and he says that part his plan to mitigate these issues is to send mailers to those that are registered, and give them a two year window to clean up those that may have fallen off or changed addresses.

Civic engagement is also a key component, says Nett, so he says it is crucial to teach students at an early age about how local and statewide government works.

Lastly, Nett cites the recent election of President Donald Trump as an example of how a change in political party has resulted in uncovering allegations of corruption. Nett says that he seeks to do the same here in Kentucky.