Two arrested during Richmond traffic stop for alleged possession of drugs and excessive window tinting on vehicle


Two people were arrested recently for allegedly possessing drugs and having excessive window tinting on their vehicle.

Officials conducted a traffic stop on Merrick Dr at Robert R Martin Bypass on a vehicle operated by 28-year-old Lena Smith. Sitting in her passenger seat was Vincent Pickens, who had several confirmed outstanding warrants, according to police.

Smith approved to officials searching her vehicle. Two loaded syringes were located on the driver’s side floor board. One was loaded with a dark red/purple colored liquid and the other a tan/light brown off-clear liquid.

Officers believed that there was blood in the dark liquid and methamphetamine or heroin in the lighter liquid. Smith later on stated that it was “probably methamphetamine” in the lighter liquid.

On the driver’s seat, a cut off cigarette filter and a torch style lighter were discovered. There were also a belt and spoon with residue in Smith’s purse.

According to a citation, all of these items together are commonly used for the consumption of methamphetamine.

Smith’s window was measured by The Laser Labs Enforcer II tint meter and determined to be too dark (only 3% of light in).

Both were arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention Center.