Toddler Found Dead in Washing Machine after Laurel County fire


New information revealed that the Laurel County toddler who was killed in a deadly house fire last month was found inside a washing machine.

Police say that the body of one-year-old Joseph Brock was found inside a washing machine at Marvin Gardens Mobile Home Park. His dad, Vaughn Brock ran from the scene following the inferno.

Vaughn Brock admitted to police that he was smoking a joint and fell asleep on the couch with his son next to him. When he woke back up, he claimed that there was fire to the right of the couch in the kitchen area.

Brock claimed that his son was not beside him when he woke up. According to reports, he searched for his son but the he fled the home instead because he couldn’t take the intense heat.

He denied knowing that his baby son was inside the washing machine.

Joseph Brock would have been two-years-old later this month. He was laid to rest Thursday morning.