Musical Musings: Bedford Band


You would think if you simply read the bio on Bedford Band that they are a lot more mature than we found, simply based on their musical tastes. They cite Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Led Zeppelin as their greatest influences among others.

The three boys (minus one band mate who had a test in college) from Central and Eastern Kentucky proved themselves up to the task however when they dropped in for this month’s edition of Musical Musings with WBONtv.

The boys tell Marisa Hempel that they are currently students at Morehead University and have known one another since they were quite young.

The group bonded over a mutual love of music, which transferred into their college careers where they are all studying Commercial Music.

Watch the podcast here to see the soul that these young guys bring to the studios of Wallingford Broadcasting. You may very well be as shocked as we were!