Berea May Soon Allow Alcoholic Beverages to be Sold at Historic Sites


Ordinance 06-2019 would allow sites on the national historic register to sell alcoholic beverages by the drink. Although the ordinance doesn’t add other restrictions, city administrator Randy Stone explained that liquor licenses are a complex legal issue and that other restrictions would also take effect.

The city has also had its first reading on an amended budget for the fiscal year 2018 to 2019. This comes as a stipulation for the Community Development Block Grant. The grant requires that the million dollars the city is receiving be used for the Walnut Sreet pump station project. The budget will be amended to show this and would also carry over into the 2020 fiscal year.

Mayor Bruce Fraley made two proclamations at the meeting. The first was a proclamation naming April Autism Awareness Month for the city of Berea. The second declared April 2nd National Service day. A day to thank AmeriCorps for the work it does to better local communities.