Richmond man arrested after allegedly stabbing housemate with fork


A female was reportedly yelling about a stabbing on Turpin Dr. in Richmond.

The Richmond Police Department responded to the scene and made contact with the female subject. Blood was seen on her right hand. She advised that 50-year-old Darrell Nester had stabbed her in the hand with a fork. She stated that he also pushed her down.

According to previous reports, in 2014, Nester had completed the Madison County Home Incarceration Program. He reportedly had been arrested 114 times, 89 in which were for alcohol intoxication. In the program, he successfully wore an alcohol monitor (which takes a transdermal reading every 30 minutes to detect alcohol content through wearer’s skin) on his ankle for 90 days with no positive readings.

Fast forward 5 years later to this incident, officials confronted Nester who was extremely intoxicated and he stated that he had no knowledge of what had happened.

According to reports, the victim, Nester, and another female all live together in the same apartment.

The intricacies of these three individuals is not entirely known. Officials believe the three were in some sort of dating relationship with one another. The individuals would not divulge all of the details.

While escorting Nester out of the home, he told the victim that he “will be back”. He allegedly also threatened to urinate in the police’s vehicle while en route to the jail.

Nester was lodged in the Madison County Detention Center for the safety of the victim and other female in the household. He was charged with 4th degree assault, and menacing.