Richmond: Girlfriend assaulted boyfriend for allegedly returning ex’s phone call


The Richmond Police Department recently responded to a domestic violence complaint on S Porter Drive in Richmond.

Upon arrival officers observed 28-year-old Sarah Jurgensen sitting in the middle of the road.

Jurgensen stated that her boyfriend had pushed her over a coffee table and left the residence. A citation states that she did not complain of any injuries on scene but after taken to the Madison County Detention Center, says that she obtained a mark on her leg from being pushed.

Jurgensen told officials that she was following her boyfriend but sat down in the road as he allegedly wouldn’t stop running.

Her boyfriend, Edward Campbell was brought in for an interview. Campbell stated that Jurgensen became mad at him because he was returning a phone call to his ex. Jurgensen allegedly started throwing things at him. Campbell also told officials that he attempted to leave the apartment but Jurgensen grabbed him by the throat and tackled him over a coffee table. Reports say that Jurgensen continued on assaulting him with a “cat tower”.

Campbell managed to run out of the house and stopped at S Porter Car Wash while Jurgensen sat in the middle of the road in front of the Richmond Masonic Temple.

A minor injury on Campbell was reported. In addition, Jurgensen also allegedly hit Campbell’s car with a brick.

Jurgensen was taken to the Madison County Detention Center and charged with 4th degree assault, and 3rd degree criminal mischief.